Naked Old Man Meme: Adopting a Hairless Cat

Having a hairless cat is an absolute dream come true! Imagine a pet that looks like a naked old man who does not appreciate anything you do for him and silently judges you. Awesome, isn’t it?

Having a hairless cat is an absolute dream come true!

23 thoughts on “Naked Old Man Meme: Adopting a Hairless Cat”

  1. That cat looks like Trump when he wakes up.

  2. Or Biden 24/7. The cat is probably smarter.

  3. Speaking of ugly stuff;
    Yesterday was the anniversary of Omar Mir Seddique [عمر مير صديق متين] (D) shooting up the Pulse Sodomite Night club (D). Seddique was born at Jewish Medical Center(D) in New Hyde Park.

  4. OMG the expression on that cat’s face! Hilarious!! Maybe it’s because he’s having to wear that sweater?

  5. Hey Joe, does trump visit you in your dreams at night?

  6. He visits everyone on every media screen out there.

  7. All you people busting on our leader(D) for wondering off and having to be roped back into the G7 group by the Italian prime minister are all racists.

  8. Don’t talk about Trump so his crimes will be out of peoples’ minds and forgotten.

  9. Humans are the hairless cats of the primate world.

  10. Did stinky Biden fill his pants again? At this point it’s just sad. Elder abuse to be honest. Poor senile old Bastard. His wife should be arrested. It’s cruel.

  11. Possible. He doesn’t wear his diapers like Trump does. But then Trump does suffer from dementia and the control over his own body and mind is failing.

  12. You should spend your time on fixing your own dystopian country. You can’t vote in the US. You just sound stupid obsessing about another countries elections and your propaganda is childishly preformed. As usual. Biden is unfit. They are not going to elect him. Get over it. Worry about Socks 🧦. He’s your problem.

  13. Why do you presume everyone who doesn’t agree with you is Canadian. You are delusional. 😂 Trump is your candidate for sure. You could share a cell in the mad house. You could steal his socks and suck on them in your sleep. 🤣

  14. Trump tried to make fun about Biden’s age and praised himself for mental stability. Only to forget the names of the psycho doctors who had examined himself. Priceless. 😂😂😂

  15. Trump is an embarrasement for himself and the States.

  16. Did he take a dump on stage at his D Day Memorial celebration too? How about in front of the Pope? Were the States” embarrassed when Trump stepped into North Korea? Your propaganda is the usual weak sauce.

  17. Better a dump on stage in France than a treason in front of the Capitol.

  18. You guys want Biden have him come up and run your country. The video evidence of his decline is obvious. Don’t be dumb. He’s not going to win. Sorry.

  19. Sure you are not talking about Trump. What were his doctors names? Doctors Narciss and Alzheimer. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. “Video evidence” already debunked as fake. Looks like the GOP is using Russian methods. Makes one think…

  21. Video evidence was debunked. So how does that work.. oh right, right.. you’re retarded. Sorry, forgot what country this site is in.

  22. Google for the full videos. No cutscenes and no cropped pictures. Then come back and apologize.

  23. He didn’t. Thought so.

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