I Hope She Got The Answer She Was Looking For

It makes sense. If the menu was not laminated, the paper would get dirty really fast and you would not be able to clean it.

How is this made? Well, we just laminate sheets of paper with all of the food choices.

7 thoughts on “I Hope She Got The Answer She Was Looking For”

  1. Was this website made by senior? Or did the owner just use a template he found from 1997? Ads everywhere for a single post just feels old-school!

  2. wait until we have another amazon sponsored link.

    poor selection of stock photo. I have not seen a cook discuss the menu with a guest.

  3. Firefox with AdBlock Premium = no adds, not here, not on Youtube nowhere. Advice from a senior.

  4. Oh, Ivanka following in her father’s footsteps.

    And yes to the adblockers. Zero ads. If you can’t operate your computer get off the internet, people.

  5. Kamala Harris for President! Hahahahahaha

  6. Look at that smile. You just know she wants to put a non-slip lip grip on his love log.

  7. Holy crap! Look how far back her head goes. You know she can do it!

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