Polish People Are Roleplaying as Americans, And It’s Brilliant

What is LARP? It means Live Action Role Playing where people dress up as real or fictional characters and play various scenes/events/battles etc. Once a year Polish LARP community @4thofJulyLarp comes together to roleplay as contemporary Americans. They show off their most American-ish outfits and act out various scenarios that they imagine would happen in the USA. It’s brilliant. Real American visitors of this site, please let us know in the comments if they got it right!

Polish people LARPing as Americans.

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Therapist Meme: So… What Brought You Here?

Taking everything literally is such a blast! Someone tells me to “hold your horses,” and suddenly, I’m running a freaking petting zoo. “Break a leg?” Thanks for the hospital visit, buddy. And when you say “hit the books,” don’t be surprised if your precious novels come back with a few new creases. It’s a riot when “pulling someone’s leg” turns into an actual wrestling match, and “raining cats and dogs” makes me wonder if you’ve lost your damn mind and gone completely batshit crazy. His wife is no fun at all, he should divorce her.

So what brought you here? My husband takes everything literally. And what about you? My feet and my car.

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