Masterful Dadjoke Flirting Is The Best Approach To Dating

Masterful dadjoke flirting is the ultimate dating strategy. It’s like having a secret weapon that combines humor, charm, and a touch of innocence. Ladies love that.

Let's meet for a drink and see where it goes! I think it goes in your mouth...

7 thoughts on “Masterful Dadjoke Flirting Is The Best Approach To Dating”

  1. The Supreme Courts delay tactics are working in my favour; money
    well spent.

  2. We are not corrupt as long as we decide in favor of our sponsor… uhm… beloved leader… president Donald Trump. He said so.

  3. I stopped believing in Trump. I need more Kool-Aid.

  4. You need more? Hold on and beat the withdrawal symptoms.

  5. Give him the stuff. Or he’ll only become a citizen who believes in democracy and freedom and I will have to put him down to uphold conservative values.

  6. What do any of thse comments have to do with flirting or drinking?

  7. She reminds me of my daughter Ivanka. I know another thing that could go in her mouth. To make it great again. It’s the best thing.

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