Therapist Meme: So… What Brought You Here?

Taking everything literally is such a blast! Someone tells me to “hold your horses,” and suddenly, I’m running a freaking petting zoo. “Break a leg?” Thanks for the hospital visit, buddy. And when you say “hit the books,” don’t be surprised if your precious novels come back with a few new creases. It’s a riot when “pulling someone’s leg” turns into an actual wrestling match, and “raining cats and dogs” makes me wonder if you’ve lost your damn mind and gone completely batshit crazy. His wife is no fun at all, he should divorce her.

So what brought you here? My husband takes everything literally. And what about you? My feet and my car.

12 thoughts on “Therapist Meme: So… What Brought You Here?”

  1. Friction brought you there sir!

  2. Pro Biden Anti Trump Bot attack in 3..2..

  3. So, a human attack. There are no human trumpers.

  4. There it is! Hi. I’m a Biden supporter on a Canadian humor site. I’m not a US citizen, I can’t vote in the US but I make comments on the site multiple times a day because I’m so narcissistic that I believe I can swing the election anyway. Swing it from Canada. Swing it for Biden. Because… well.. I’m just that amazing. As a person I mean. Just Amazing! Just Ask my Mom who’s basement I live in. She’s right upstairs making me some chicken tendies.

  5. Paranoia.

  6. Clear sign of Canada derangement syndrome.

  7. Someone is very bothered by how awesome we Canadians are! So bothered their little bum hurts from all the bumming they received, Were gentle though so it probably didn’t hurt all that much! Are you okay sir? Does your bum bum hurt? We have free healthcare so come on over and we’ll make sure you didn’t end up with hemorrhoids or anything serious! I know you suffer from emotional instability but we can helping cover your psychiatric needs too! Seriously though, imagine being scared of Canadians like that clown!

  8. Woah woah, we don’t have free healthcare for that kind of idiot! Let America take care of their own, in the best way they know how, injecting them with bleach and cleaning their blood with UV radiation!

  9. Yes.. it’s time for you’re 10th jab. Get to it and don’t forget the kids.

  10. You are obsessed with jab no one gets. Cookoo.

  11. The jab that i thought stopped covid, but appears to stop retardation instead!

  12. There is no cure for rightards. They are already gone.

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